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The Parkes Solar Farm gets financed and starts construction

Approximately 4 months after Neoen received confirmation of ARENA's grant for the Parkes Solar Farm, the project reaches Financial Close. Together with the Griffith and Dubbo projects, the Parkes Solar Farm is the first project to reach this milestone in the context of the ARENA large-scale solar competitive round. ARENA and the CEFC describe this success in the following press releases:$150-million-investment.aspx Bouygues Construction, the contractor chosen by Neoen to build this project, have received notice to proceed and are set to [...]

Parkes Solar Farm receives federal funding

The Neoen team is proud to announce that the Parkes Solar Farm is one of 12 Australian projects that will receive federal funding in the context of the ARENA large-scale solar competitive round ( The tender had attracted tremendous interest from the industry with 77 proposals seeking to benefit from the $100m available funding. This major milestone means that Neoen will move forward with the construction of the Parkes Solar Farm, and early works are expected to begin before the end of 2016.

Government grants development approval to the Parkes Solar Farm

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment granted a Development Approval to the Parkes Solar Farm for up to 65MW on June 14th. This is the result of an Environment Impact Assesment process initiated in September 2015 as well as thorough Community Engagement Process started in December 2015. This approval is a major milestone for the project and confirms that the Parkes Solar Farm is an environmentally sound project.

Development Application lodgment

The Development Application (DA), including an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), was lodged on Thursday 17th March 2016. Hard copies of the EIS will be exhibited from 25th March to 28th April 2016 in order to provide details of the project to the public community and to allow the community to express any concern about the Parkes Solar Farm, which will then need to be addressed by Neoen. The EIS is being exhibited at different places, including: Department of Planning Information Centre, 23 -33 [...]

Parkes Solar Farm presentation

Neoen would like to thank: the Parkes Shire Council for letting Neoen present the Parkes Solar Farm project at a Council Meeting on the 15th December; the 12 members of the Parkes Community who have attended the Community Information Session on the same day. For the ones who couldn't attend, the project presentation can be downloaded on this link. Any question regarding the presentation can be sent to the project contact address (